JT Productions has partnered with Boston Sound and Light to provide Ambient and Intelligent Lighting, which includes LED Uplighting, Intelligent Moving Heads, Customized Gobos, Spot Lights, Scanners, and Dance Lights. We tailor our lighting to fit the theme of your event.

Ambient lighting is comprised of LED Uplighting. Uplighting is a lighting effect that shines from the ground up so that it creates a beam of light against a wall or backdrop. The eight standard colors offered via LED Uplighting are Red, Blue, Green, Magneta, Cyan, Yellow, White, and Strobe. All of our LED Uplighting panels can be DMX controlled, allowing us to seamlessly change the color of the lighting throughout the event to give the appeal of shifting moods and atmospheres.

Intelligent lighting is comprised of Intelligent Moving Heads. These portable lighting fixtures are comprised of high quality stencils made of glass and steel in which a ray of light is shined through the stencil, creating a design effect. These stencils are known as gobos, and can be customized to reflect your name, initials, or design of your preference. These moving heads also act as Spot Lights when there is no stencil, allowing us to have the crowd focus “all eyes on you” during your grand entrance. The Intelligent Moving Heads are mounted onto Totem Trusses for visibility purposes.

There is no better way to make your event memorable than by utilizing the high-tech lighting offered by JT Productions. Let us know how you would like to integrate lighting in your event. Let us make your vision into a reality.