FAUJ Bhangra is a conglomerate of the best Bhangra dancers in the Boston area. Every member of FAUJ Bhangra has been involved, to some degree, with the leadership of his respective competitive team (MIT Bhangra, BU Bhangra, NU Bhangra, Tufts Bhangra, Bentley Bhangra, and Boston Bhangra). FAUJ Bhangra combines the traditional aspects of Bhangra with the modern, high-energy, and graceful touch of new generation Bhangra. Members of this team strive to entertain and educate audiences with a new exciting level of dance. Our flexibility allows the host to get involved by learning part of the dance to surprise the crowd, elevating the performance to another level. We customize our performance to cater to your crowd and preference, and ensure that your event will be memorable.